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Best CBD Cigarettes: Journey to #1

Best CBD Cigarettes: Journey to #1

Big news for Redwood Reserves! Vaping 360 just announced their line-up of the best CBD cigarettes of 2021 – and yours truly landed top spot! We’ve worked hard to bring Redwood Reserves to life, and this nomination is a nod in the right direction.

“Redwood Reserves are the highest-quality CBD hemp cigarettes you can find. The hemp in their cigarettes is organic-farmed which provides excellent flavor and effects.”

Vaping 360’s accolades echo our mission at Redwood Reserves, which has always been to provide the best smokable CBD flower products on the market – sustainably grown and slow cured for a top-shelf CBD experience. After one year in business, we are humbled to receive this recognition from our peers.




We created Redwood Reserves to solve a problem. We couldn’t find a decent hemp cigarette on the market. What existed then was – to be frank – subpar. They lacked flavor and effectiveness. A closer look revealed that most of the available brands used hemp biomass in production – with little to no actual CBD. There wasn’t a natural, pure hemp cigarette out there – so we set out to create one.


What the Heck is Biomass?


Curious about hemp (CBD) biomass? So were we. Here’s the gist – CBD biomass is cannabis cultivated for large-scale processing and mainly used with industrial products. This CBD biomass is produced to create extracts to be used in CBD products and grown on a larger scale. It typically requires machine harvesting, trimming, and drying (rather than cured), often resulting in a hay-like smell and very little terpene content.

Pure CBD flowers, on the other hand, are just that – 100% hemp flower. These flowers are slow-cured to maintain the natural aromas and flavors in the oils and terpenes, resulting in more flavor and better effects.


Redwood Reserve Family Farms


The Redwood Reserves family farms are located in Willamette, Oregon. We take great pride in our growing methods, including nothing but rich soil, sun, and water – and nothing else. Our CBD flowers are naturally grown and slow-cured to produce strains that are rich in CBD and terpene content. We’ve spent a great deal of time carefully curating our flowers for full flavor and effect.

There’s nothing large-scale about our operations. We’re a family business and take great pride in our products and processes. Our growers utilize the latest technologies, no harmful chemicals, and bring a knowledge base to our operations that are reflected in the quality of the product. Every aspect of Redwood Reserves is rooted in our family’s belief that nature simply knows best.


Shout Outs!


The recognition afforded us by Vaping 360 is reflective of our commitment to quality. We hope to continue to produce top-quality seed-to-smoke products for you in your pursuit of finding your chill the hemp way.

Be sure and check our newest smokable hemp product, the dab! Available in three calming flavors for an immediate and lasting chill. Read more about Redwood Reserves dabs here.

Thank you for all of the support over the past year – we couldn’t have done it without our loyal fans.


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