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CBD: A Safe, Effective Tobacco Alternative

A recent article posted on USA Today stated that “Tobacco addicts have a much better chance of quitting smoking if they consume a modest amount of CBD each day.” But why is that?

Discover the effective and natural alternative to traditional cigarettes and learn how hemp cigarettes can make a difference in your life.

Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes, also known as hemp cigarettes, offer a convenient and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Made with hemp instead of tobacco, hemp cigarettes are often made with high levels of CBD, very little THC, and no nicotine. With the same look and feel as a traditional cigarette, hemp cigarettes are popular with people trying to quit smoking because they offer users a way to smoke without the addictive additives.

What Makes Redwood Reserves Different?

From seed to smoke on our farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we take pride in producing clean, quality hemp for our products. Soil, sunlight, and water. That’s it.

Original CBD Cigarettes

Rolled with only naturally grown CBD hemp flower, our hemp cigarettes offer a CBD experience you can take with you wherever you go.

Menthol CBD Cigarettes

The same all-natural CBD hemp flower but made with a cool rush of menthol crush. 

Shop Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes.

Cigarette Cravings

Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive compound that produces pleasing effects in your brain. But they’re short-lived. Once it’s gone, you reach for another one. The more you smoke, the more nicotine it takes to make you feel good. Then, when you stop, you experience challenging changes and cravings that make it extremely hard to quit.

CBD Cigarettes may present an option for those looking to quit but are still finding themselves reaching for a smoke. Maybe it’s just in social situations or the chance to take a break but having a cigarette in your hand that is 100% tobacco and nicotine-free can fill those spaces without feeding the addiction.

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CBD Smokes & Smoking Cues

Smoking cues are visual scenarios that your brain associates with smoking and may trigger the desire to smoke. They can be anything from objects associated with smoking, holding a cigarette, to actual smoking behaviors.

There have been many studies into CBD’s effect on reversing cigarette cues. One particular study found that “CBD may exert anti‐addictive effects by normalizing the salience of drug cues.

Not only that, but when your brain is triggered by smoking cues, hemp cigarettes allow you to satiate those cues without the tobacco, nicotine, and other additives.

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Natural Alternative

The only thing that goes into Redwood Reserves hemp cigarettes is our home-grown terpene-rich blend of our three flagship strains of CBD hemp flower. That’s it. Always sun-grown and slow-cured for exceptional taste and a premium draw. No chemical pesticides or synthetic feeds, no filler, no tobacco, and absolutely no additives.

Shop Redwood Reserves CBD Hemp Cigarettes.

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