CBD Kief: Potent and Versatile

What is CBD Kief? Kief is the tiny, sticky crystal-looking substance that covers cannabis flowers and is sometimes also called “dry sift” or “pollen”. Specifically, CBD kief is a powder made from the trichomes that form on hemp plants. Tell me about trichomes. So what are trichomes? They’re small, round glands on...

Hemp Smokes for the Win

Non-psychoactive, full of flavor, non-addictive - we are big fans of hemp smokes. A CBD cigarette presents an opportunity to participate in a ritual without the side effects presented by tobacco or marijuana. Although we’ve extolled the virtues of hemp cigarettes many times over, let’s focus on the three big...

The ABCs of CBD

Whether you’re new to hemp or a long-time fan, there are many terms, old and new, floating around the cannabis industry - and their similar acronyms are posing a bit of confusion. From CBD to THC to CBG - what’s the difference? To wrap our heads around this, let’s...

Best CBD Cigarettes: Journey to #1

Big news for Redwood Reserves! Vaping 360 just announced their line-up of the best CBD cigarettes of 2021 - and yours truly landed top spot! We’ve worked hard to bring Redwood Reserves to life, and this nomination is a nod in the right direction. “Redwood Reserves are the highest-quality CBD...

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