A House of Hemp

Roman engineers used the hemp plant’s fibrous and sinewy stock to strengthen the mortar they used to build bridges. Nothing new here, as modern-day builders are rediscovering the benefits of using hemp. Will hemp be the future of construction? Discover why hempcrete is more sustainable and affordable and how it...

Hemp Plants – 50,000 Uses

The hemp plant may be one of the most useful plants around - hence, 50,000 uses. From paper to food to medicine, the hemp plant has been a staple for production for a very long time. A place in history The first traces of hemp usage in civilization dates back to...

Running With the Bulls

Reading “running with the bulls” probably makes you think about the centuries-old celebration in Pamplona, Spain; however, what we did with our bulls was more rescuing than running. Welcome to part two of our Redwood Reserves animal rescue tale - and yes, we’re running with the bulls to kick...

CBD Kief: Potent and Versatile

What is CBD Kief? Kief is the tiny, sticky crystal-looking substance that covers cannabis flowers and is sometimes also called “dry sift” or “pollen”. Specifically, CBD kief is a powder made from the trichomes that form on hemp plants. Tell me about trichomes. So what are trichomes? They’re small, round glands on...

Hemp Smokes for the Win

Non-psychoactive, full of flavor, non-addictive - we are big fans of hemp smokes. A CBD cigarette presents an opportunity to participate in a ritual without the side effects presented by tobacco or marijuana. Although we’ve extolled the virtues of hemp cigarettes many times over, let’s focus on the three big...

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