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Sustainability From End to End

We searched the word sustainability, and Google gave us 48,100,000 results. This is excellent news because it needs discussing, and thankfully the internet is having a huge conversation. We’ve become a highly consumable society, but - until recently - our consumerism has been mainly left unchecked. Definition, please. The word "sustainability"...

Let’s Talk Terpenes: What are they?

If you’re as big a fan of hemp as we are, you probably know all about terpenes. However, if you’re a newbie, we’ll break it down for you - what they are and why they’re effective and essential to high-quality hemp. What are Cannabis Derived Terpenes? Terpenes are a diverse class...

Don’t blow off your ZZZs.

Sleep is a big deal - we spend about a third of our lives doing it. But did you know that getting enough sleep is as essential to survival as food and water? That’s because quality Z’s support proper brain function and emotional well-being. Have you ever noticed brain...

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