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We're not plant based, we're plant powered. Our CBD Flower products are sustainably grown and slow cured on our farm in Oregon for a top-shelf CBD experience, from our farm to you.






Redwood Cigarettes

Pure CBD.

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Redwood Cigarettes

Pure CBD.

That's It.

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These are my new go-tos. I have tried various different hemp cigarette brands like vance global and wild hemp, these however are honestly in a league of their own. The taste, effects and smoothness are better than other brands I have used. I experienced quality control with their menthol cigarettes though, I hope this issue is resolved.
The taste on these were wonderful and they were much smoother than their regular hemp cigarettes (although they are both quite smooth). I will buy again, in fact I placed a new order a few days ago but I have a few complaints. There was a quality control issue with around half of the pack, some of the cigarettes burned very uneven and others hardly stayed lit. Whereas the regular hemp cigarettes did not have these issued. Also I felt as if the non-menthols were more potent in CBD. (I compared them several times) I hope my next order does not have the same issues.
Redwood Reserves are the absolutely best hemp cigarettes I’ve ever had. They help me kick my nicotine addiction as well as helps tremendously with my back pain. I work in the cannabis industry and it’s nice to have a quality hemp cigarette that will chill me out not give me any toxic chemicals and able to smoke wherever. I even got my coworkers hooked on them because they help them with arthritis and migraines. These are absolutely amazing and the fact I just ordered a carton for me and my coworkers on october 5th I just received them today October 8th . I love this company and they never disappoint. 🤘🏻
I was a HEAVY menthol cigarette smoker. I recently quit maybe a week and half ago and I still have intense cravings and I must say these are perfect for helping me get that menthol cigarette craving I have. They’re smooth and relaxing as well. Will be buying more.
I’ve been looking for something to help me cut back on vaping disposables since I would constantly hit those from when i woke up to when i went to bed and noticed i had a hard time breathing and catching my breath. I work at a dispensary and a coworker had another brand of menthol hemp cigarettes and after trying one of those i searched online for the best hemp cigarettes and found redwood reserves. Let me just say thank you. I bought 3 packs to try out and I am about to place an order for a carton. These have really helped me cut back on nicotine and i found myself not wanting that craving as much and being able to smoke one of these feel very relaxing and even help with my chronic back issues has helped me tremendously. Being someone in the cannabis industry i definitely have gotten a few coworkers hooked on these as well as some customers looking for high quality cbd products and that actually make a difference and are able to smoke them at work and not get super high. Thank you Redwood Reserves and I’ll be placing my carton order soon!
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