Carolina Dream CBD Flower

4.7 rating
4.73 stars based on 15 reviews
LineageCannatonic x AC/DC (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
Tasting Notes

Characterized by its dense and pungent nugs, Carolina Dream combines the relaxing effects of Cannatonic while bringing the mental clarity of AC/DC. With sweet tasting notes, this indica dominant hybrid is great for relief from symptoms of insomnia, stress, pain, and general day-to-day aches.

We're committed to bringing you a true craft CBD experience. Our flower is grown with only sun and water, meaning no pesticides, sprays, or any synthetic chemicals make it onto our products. 

Although our full spectrum CBD flower contains very little amounts of THC, Redwood Reserves makes no claims that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after using this product.

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15 reviews for Carolina Dream CBD Flower

  1. Dan Tierre

    Got it 2 days after I ordered, smells freakin amazing

  2. April Fischer

    loooooove it

  3. Christian Pover

    Sticky and smelly, can’t wait to try the other strains

  4. Randall H.

    Nice flower, shipped pretty quick. I like that they email me when its out for delivery and when it arrives.

  5. Brinley Bordeaux

    Extremely high quality CBD. This strain is a very relaxing, very pleasant smoke that hits well without any catching in the throat. It is great for pain relief, anxiety, and insomnia from my personal experience. It is my favorite night time CBD to grind and roll. I am very picky with my CBD and was happy from the first hit I took.

  6. joseph isaacs

    Just tried all three strains and they’re all very nice. Look at their terpene profiles. Hard to find this combo of terps. I’ve tried many flower companies but this is only the third where I’ve left a review. CDream is one of the best evening strains I’ve ever tried.

  7. Raymond Flores

    Just picked up an ounce of this and it’s vaping really well. Nice and relaxing. Quick free shipping and a good. price are added bonuses

  8. Claudia Ward

    This is my first time to use CBD hemp flower. It is truly what I had hoped for.
    I would like to say, I am very pleased with my Carolina Dream CBD flower. I really like it a lot. It totally relaxes me and right after I smoke it, I get that feeling like I’m about to get high, but there is no high. I noticed it also de-stresses me as well. I can focus and still feel the relaxation that I desire. Which I definitely like, because being high usually makes me too forgetful and goofy. Not with CBD flower.

    I bought Carolina Dream for sleep and pain and it definitely helps with both of those, I did smoke it during the day the day I received it. I didn’t get sleepy during the day, but I did get sleepy a bit earlier than I wanted that night. So I only use it at night before I go to bed. I sleep very good after smoking a couple times before bed. And it definitely helps with general aches and pain since it relaxes me very well.

    I am very impressed with the packaging and the shipping time it took to receive my package. I will definitely be ordering more from Redwood Reserves. I may try the Sativa next time I order to use during the day, but I definitely like the Indica.

  9. MR

    This strain is the perfect way to end the day or for stressful times. It brings deep relaxation and soothes the nerves and great for pain relief. I don’t recommend this during the day so much because it tends to make me drowsy after an hour or so. Like the other two strains from Redwood this one has great genetics, they all seem to resonate very well with me. Thanks Redwood!

  10. Andrew Sorensen

    I love Redwood Reserves, these people hook you up with great shipping and beautiful prices.

    This strain was my first order and was absolutely a pleasant surprise because I expected to receive not so great quality for the price tag. But I assumed wrong. I was blown away by my purchase when I received double what I payed for.

    Really appreciate CBD and this is my new go-to spot to purchase it.

  11. Brandon Friesner

    Honestly I was surprised with how good of quality it is I ordered th 1oz bag and has very good flower pieces you could tell care was taken with trimming and packaging.

  12. Todd

    Definitely relieves my pain from arthritis and helps me get to sleep. I’m not a doctor or medical professional so this is just my personal experience
    The shipping is fast and the products arrive as they should

  13. Andrew Shaffer

    A little dry and some big stems in it but we’ll worth the price.

  14. Marshall Krueger

    Carolina Dream tastes really great – fruity, citrusy, dank. I loaded up a bowl in my bubbler and it helped immediately with my anxiety and stress after a long day. I used to smoke THC but it was making my anxiety worse so switched to just CBD. Very smooth smoke and a good smell after burning. Buds appear a little bit dry but are sticky once ground up. There are also some big stems, but I’m not too concerned about it because the flower is great. I’ve had both top shelf and reggie level CBD flower and this is definitely top shelf stuff. A really great deal for the price and the packaging is also convenient for storage.

  15. Omega Man

    product: Carolina dream.

    super smooth smoke that hits quick and relaxes me big time.

    great quality at a very good price.

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