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CBD Kief: Potent and Versatile

CBD Kief: Potent and Versatile

What is CBD Kief?

Kief is the tiny, sticky crystal-looking substance that covers cannabis flowers and is sometimes also called “dry sift” or “pollen”. Specifically, CBD kief is a powder made from the trichomes that form on hemp plants.

Tell me about trichomes.

So what are trichomes? They’re small, round glands on the surface of the cannabis flower and leaves, and up close, they resemble a tiny mushroom with a long thin stem. However, they are so tiny; they’re almost invisible to the naked eye – resembling fine crystals at first glance. Trichomes help hemp plants survive by protecting them from potential threats, such as insects.

Trichomes are the creme-de-la-creme of the hemp flower. The trichomes contain the largest clustering of cannabinoids, and they are also responsible for storing essential oils and terpenes that give CBD flowers their aroma and flavor. Sure, cannabinoids can also be found elsewhere in the plant, but in smaller quantities.

More about kief.

Kief is naturally collected during the flower trimming process. Due to the high concentration of cannabinoids, kief packs a healthy punch of CBD into a small amount of product, and it is typically used to increase your cannabinoid experience.

How do you use kief?

High-quality kief provides a potent full-spectrum CBD experience that is as fast-acting as it is effective. Adding kief to another CBD product, like your flower or pre-roll, will enhance your CBD experience.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy kief, such as sprinkling it on your bowl or pre-roll to heighten your CBD experience. Kief can also boost your hot coffee or tea. Hot water will activate the CBD, so it’s absorbable by your body – plus, it adds flavor to the beverage. About one milligram is plenty for every six ounces of liquid to achieve that extra level of stimulation and effects. 

Kief can also be used for cooking, and many use it to make cannabutter. You will need to decarboxylate the kief before using it for cooking, which is easy. Just put it in an ovenproof dish to bake for 20 minutes at approximately 220-240 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it’s ready, mix it with butter to create cannabutter.

Now that you know all about kief, its purpose, and how to enjoy it – ready to try? It could be just what you need to infuse some added chill to your morning coffee. Enjoy!

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