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How CBD Supports Deep Sleep

How CBD Supports Deep Sleep

How CBD Supports Deep Sleep

In today's fast-paced environment, finding a moment of peace can be challenging, especially when it's time to turn off the lights and drift into sleep. The search for natural sleep aids has led many to rely on CBD for its natural calming properties.


Navigating Sleep with CBD

As conversations around wellness and natural living continue to evolve, CBD continues to promise a solution for those seeking natural relief from night-time restlessness and the stress of daily life. Unlike melatonin, which can make users feel groggy or have brain fog in the morning, CBD naturally lulls the body and mind into a deep sleep with so you can wake up feeling rested and refreshed. 

A Nightly Ritual with Redwood Reserves

The incorporation of CBD into nightly routines is more than a trend—it's a lifestyle adjustment towards better sleep and overall well-being. Here's how Redwood Reserves is redefining bedtime rituals:

  • CBD Flower for Relaxation: Incorporating CBD flower into your nightly routine has many advantages. While other methods of ingesting CBD like oils, gummies, or topicals can take up to an hour to kick in, using CBD flower offers an instant dose of CBD for a quick and effective sleep aid. Opting for strains known for their relaxing effect like Carolina Dream can help nudge you into a peaceful state, ready for sleep. Those who are looking for quick sleep with the added convenience of a ready-to-use product can opt for our CBD cigarettes for a natural alternative to sleep medications.
  • THC Flower for Deep Sleep: Those who are looking for a deeper sleep can turn to THC flowser. Most popular for its psychoactive effects, cannabis flower is also a great option for deep relaxation that can be felt in the body and the mind. Indica-dominant strains like OG Kush can help unwind the mind and help you drift off into a deep sleep without the side effects associated with prescription sleep medications. 
  • Convenient CBD Inhalers: The demand for easy-to-use wellness tools has made CBD inhalers and vapes a popular choice for immediate relaxation effects. Redwood Reserves answers this call with carefully crafted vapes designed to blend seamlessly into your evening routine, providing a quick path to calm. While all CBD strains can provide a relaxing sleep experience, we recommend using our indica-dominant Carolina Dream Inhaler for a fast and effective natural sleep aid. 
  • Potent THC Inhalers: Just like our CBD inhalers, our THC version offers an easy-to-use option for instant relaxation. The potent THC vapes and inhalers are made using live resin oil for an experience that will leave your body and mind more relaxed than ever. While sativa-dominant cannabis strains like Pineapple Express can provide a level of relaxation, they can also cause the mind to race, which interrupts our sleep cycles. Choosing an indica-dominant strain like OG Kush helps ensure your sleep comes quickly.
  • Pre-rolls for Effortless Peace: With the rise of self-care practices, CBD pre-rolls offer a straightforward way to invite tranquility into your nighttime routine, combining the benefits of CBD with the simplicity of use that appeals to those seeking stress relief without the hassle. Our Calm Pre-Roll was made with this in mind. Crafted with Carolina Dream flower and rolled with organic lavender, our Calm Joint offers an effortless way to get a good nights sleep. 


Preparing for Better Sleep with CBD

In the landscape of wellness and natural health solutions, understanding how to blend CBD into your sleep practices can make all the difference. Here are some insights to guide you:

  • Embrace Routine: Integrating CBD into your evening signals to your body it's time to wind down, aligning with the growing focus on the importance of sleep routines in wellness circles.
  • Create a Haven for Rest: Creating a tranquil and peaceful sleep environment ensures your body is comfortable for a good nights sleep. Setting the temperature to your preferred setting, using aromatherapy to set the mood for relaxation, and taking a nightly dose of CBD are all great ways to set yourself up for a better nights sleep.
  • Digital Detox for Better Sleep: Blue light from our devices can negatively impact our sleep cycles, making it harder to fall asleep. By putting the screens away we can set ourselves up for better sleep. 


Remember, true well-being comes from a combination of healthy habits. By committing to a nightly routine focused on improving sleep health, you can wake up each day feeling rested and refreshed.its

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