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How to Roll a Hemp Wrap?

How to Roll a Hemp Wrap?

Looking to enjoy your favorite herb in a new way? Why not try rolling it up in a hemp wrap? Hemp wraps are a great way to enjoy your smoking experience. They are made from hemp, which is a natural and sustainable product. Not only are they healthy for you, but they also taste great. But how does it all work?

What is a Hemp Wrap?

A hemp wrap is a type of tobacco leaf that is made from hemp. Hemp wraps are usually sold in packs of two and are available in a variety of flavors. Essentially, you’ll use hemp rolls rather than traditional rolling paper. Compared to traditional options, they don’t contain nicotine and are completely natural.

Advantages of Rolling with a Hemp Wrap

There are several advantages to rolling with a hemp wrap. One is that they’re much healthier for you than traditional tobacco products. They don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, so you can enjoy them without worry.

What’s more, hemp wraps are much more eco-friendly than traditional options. They’re made from a renewable resource, so you can feel good about using them. Just in case this isn’t enough, they’re also very affordable; you can find them online or in most smoke shops.

Do hemp rolls get you high? This is a common question, but the answer is no; hemp wraps do not contain any THC, so you won’t get high from using them. Instead, you’ll enjoy a smooth, flavorful smoke that’s perfect for any occasion. In short, these wraps are pressed and dried hemp leaves.

Now that you know all this, it’s time to learn how to roll a hemp wrap.

How to Roll Hemp Wraps

Step 1: Grind and Place – To start, you’ll need to grind your CBD flower and place it in the center of the hemp wrap. For the first attempt, don’t try to cram too much onto the wrap because this is often where beginners go wrong. If you’re an absolute beginner, make a rectangle in the middle of the wrap.

Step 2: Place the Filter Tip – If you want to prevent your CBD flower from getting into your mouth, you can place a filter tip at one end of the wrap. This is completely optional, but if you’re using a hemp wrap for the first time, we recommend doing this step. Later, you can then experiment with and without a filter tip to see if it changes the enjoyment of your experience.

Step 3: Tuck and Roll – To finish rolling your hemp wrap, simply (although it’s not always simple, especially the first time) tuck the end of the wrap and roll it until it’s tight. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to roll a hemp wrap in no time. However, it may take some practice at first.

With these three steps, you know how to roll a hemp wrap – why not get started now?


To summarize, rolling a hemp wrap is easy once you know how. Just follow these three steps: grind and place, place the filter tip, tuck and roll. Hemp rolls and wraps are simply dried, pressed hemp leaves and they are often more enjoyable than standard wraps. For one thing, they don’t contain tobacco or nicotine; they also tend to be thinner and easier to roll than tobacco wraps.

If you’re using a CBD flower, don’t worry because a hemp wrap will not get you high either!

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