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How to Use CBD Wax?

How to Use CBD Wax?

If you are looking for a CBD product that provides relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety, then you may want to try CBD wax. This is a concentrated form of CBD that is made by extracting the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. It can be consumed in several different ways, and each has its own set of benefits.

What is CBD Wax?

CBD wax is a type of concentrate that is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. This extraction process typically uses a solvent, such as CO₂, to remove the cannabinoids from the plant material. Once the CBD has been extracted, it is then purified and concentrated into a wax-like substance.

Despite common misconceptions, CBD wax can be consumed in several different ways (like CBD flowers), including smoking, vaporizing, and using it as an ingredient in recipes. Each method of consumption has its own set of benefits, which we will explore in more detail below.

Types of CBD Wax

There are two main types of CBD wax: crumble and budder. Crumble is a drier, flakier form of concentrate that is easier to handle and manipulate. Budder, on the other hand, is a softer, more malleable form of CBD wax that often resembles butter or frosting. Though these are the two more common types of wax CBD, you may also find shatter, live resin, and others.

How Do You Use CBD Wax?

Now that we’ve gone over the different types of CBD wax, let’s discuss how to use it. As we’ve seen, there are many ways to use wax CBD: smoking, dabbing, and even topical application.

Vaporizing CBD Wax

The most common method of consuming any type of cannabis concentrate is to vaporize it. This can be done with a vape pen that is specifically designed for use with waxes and oils, or with a more advanced piece of equipment like a dab rig.

To vaporize CBD wax, start by applying a small amount to the heating element of your vape pen. Once it has been heated, inhale slowly and steadily until you have reached your desired amount. Be sure to start with a small amount, as it is easy to consume more than you intended when vaping.

Cooking CBD Wax

When looking for how to use CBD wax, you may come across some recipes that call for it to be used in cooking. While this is technically possible, it is not as effective as vaporizing as the high heat necessary for cooking can degrade the CBD and reduce its effectiveness. If you are looking to add CBD to your food, remember to combine the wax with a fat-based ingredient.

Typically, these are the two simplest and healthiest ways to consume CBD wax. If you have any questions about how to use CBD wax, be sure to ask your doctor or qualified healthcare professional.

The Manufacturing Process

We’ve answered ‘what is wax CBD?’, but how does the manufacturing process differ from regular CBD oil? Extracting CBD from the hemp plant is done similarly regardless of whether you are making oil or wax; the main difference lies in the post-extraction process.

To make CBD oil, manufacturers will use a carrier oil such as MCT oil or hemp seed oil to dilute the CBD extract before bottling and selling it. On the other hand, making CBD wax involves subjecting the CBD extract to an extra filtration process which removes all of the plant matter and leaves behind a purer, more concentrated form of CBD.

Thanks to this guide, you now know how to use CBD wax. Whether you are using it for cooking or for other purposes, make sure to start with a small amount and increase gradually as needed!

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