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Just a Dab is all it takes: CBD Dosage Guide

Just a Dab is all it takes: CBD Dosage Guide

Are you looking for an immediate and lasting sense of happiness, calm, and relaxing? Consider dabbing your CBD rather than smoking it. New to dabbing? Here’s what you need to know.

What are CBD Dabs?

CBD dabs are a relatively new way to enjoy CBD and gaining in popularity. Dabs are sold in the form of wax, shatter, or crystals, and they are consumed by heating the product to a specific temperature with a dab pen (often called a rig) and inhaling the vapors.

Dabs are high concentrations of the hemp plant extracted to form concentrates – much like wax or resin. The raw hemp materials(the flower, seeds, and even stems) are ground up and specially processed to extract natural, pure CBD resin to produce dabs.

How is Dabbing Different?

Dabbing delivers a higher concentration of broad-spectrum CBD, which means it’s more potent, and not as much of the product needs to be consumed to gain the wellness effects. Although all smokable CBD products absorb faster into the bloodstream, the dabs are the fastest absorbing.

However, dabbing CBD takes more work and more practice – and it isn’t for everybody. Since you need a device to smoke your CBD dabs, this can add to the cost. And as with any device, it’s essential to clean and maintain them regularly for optimum performance.

Dabbing Pointers: How to Calculate CBD Content

Our high potency dabs are formulated with superior Broad Spectrum CBD Oil derived from hemp flowers sun-grown and slow cured on our family farms in Oregon. Since the CBD delivery is faster in both absorption and effects, we suggest starting very small – in amount and inhalation. This way, you can accurately judge the results before deciding the optimal amount for your body.

Each Redwood Reserves Broad Spectrum CBD Oil dabs are highly flavorful and provide a THC-free experience that is supremely relaxing. We have three calming flavors available: Carolina Dreams, Golden Redwood, WIld Bourbon. Containing nothing but broad-spectrum CBD distillate and naturally derived, beneficial terpenes, Redwood Reserves CBD dabs are a great way to experience hemp’s wellness effects immediately.

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