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Smoke This Not That

Smoke This Not That

A Superior Smoke

Image of hemp plant

The hemp plant is one of nature’s miracles and the superior choice for smoking. It offers an instant sense of calm while leaving your mind and lungs clear to do what they need to do. Its light herbal aroma doesn’t linger, and it is legal to consume anywhere they let you smoke. It is better for your body, better for your mind, and better for your planet than any other kind of cigarette. 

If you decide to smoke, consider smoking hemp.

And if you are trying not to smoke other kinds of cigarettes, hemp smokes may be your new best friend.

Hemp Offers Cigarette Alternatives


Instead of an always unsatisfying “replacement,” for smoking, hemp cigarettes offer you the real thing. You can continue to enjoy what academics call the “strong physiological patterns” of smoking while greatly reducing serious risks to your health. If you switch from traditional cigarettes to Redwood Reserves, all you will have to give up are a bunch of chemicals that are killing you. 

Sadly, there is one chemical that is especially difficult to cast aside: the dreaded alkaloid nicotine. Experts say that this tiny monster is harder to give up than heroin. Most smoking-cessation therapies don’t do much except deliver your fix through less deadly means, which does nothing to cure your addiction or ease the agonies of withdrawal.

Hope in the Form of CBD

Image of a man smoking a hemp cigarette

But there is hope, and that hope is CBD. A study at University College London found that CBD oil reduced the number of cigarettes consumed by smokers who wanted to quit.  In the study, participants were given inhalers containing either CBD oil or a placebo and the results found that those whose inhalers had CBD oil reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked by 40%. 

There are many reasons for this unexpected success. For one thing, the inhaler fulfills the hand-to-mouth craving (if only they had a 100% natural hemp cigarette, amirite?). Then there’s the powerful anxiolytic effects of the CBD. As it quickly passes the blood-brain barrier through the lungs, the CBD signals the endocannabinoid system to pass out the chill pills and erase stress. 

As the system resets and mood improves, dopamine starts to flow and triggers a euphoria that is the most difficult part of the tobacco experience to replicate. This might be the key to the study’s findings. It may be that the CBD helped by switching out old positive memories of smoking tobacco with new CBD-based happy memories.

It’s a beautiful thought.

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