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Sustainability From End to End

Sustainability From End to End

We searched the word sustainability, and Google gave us 48,100,000 results. This is excellent news because it needs discussing, and thankfully the internet is having a huge conversation. We’ve become a highly consumable society, but – until recently – our consumerism has been mainly left unchecked.

Definition, please.

The word “sustainability” in the broadest sense means making only such use of natural, renewable resources that people can continue to rely on their yields in the long term. If you read our last blog entry, you got a crash course on the sustainability of the hemp plant. We’re lifetime subscribers to sustainable practices on the farms of Redwood Reserves, and here’s why.

From sun to smoke.

When we started Redwood Reserves, it was out of necessity. As fans of CBD cigarettes, we were not impressed with the options available at the time. So rather than complain about it, we took matters into our own hands – and created Redwood Reserves.

From the beginning, we wanted to create products rich in flavor and effect. For us, this meant farming the way nature intended – with nothing but sun, soil, and water. We let nothing chemical destroy the process of growing high-quality hemp plants and cultivating flowers rich in taste and CBD.

Our sustainable farming practices keep the soil rich and the hemp flower pure. So, although a personal need for quality hemp smokes led us to create Redwood Reserves, our sustainable beliefs keep us going. We will always be cultivators first and business owners second.

Packaging preach.

Our mission to keep our farmlands sustainable would mean nothing if we didn’t extend that goal to our packaging. So we have taken great care in selecting sustainable, durable packaging to house our smokable hemp products. 

This is a work in progress as we continue to research and test sustainable packaging options. Protecting the integrity of our products during transport and storage comes first, so your experience is consistently top-notch. Smarter, earth friendly packaging solutions are coming available all the time, so we will continue to adapt.

From poop to produce.

Did you know about our side hustle? Well, since it’s not profit-generating, I guess it’s not technically a “hustle” by today’s standards. We’re talking about the Redwood Reserves animal rescue efforts, which are near and dear to our team.

For several years now, we’ve been finding and adopting animals in need of a loving home. As animal lovers and farmers, it just made sense. However, it turns out the furry and feathered members of our family also contribute to the sustainability of our farm. It’s genuinely a waste-not situation – here’s how.

The animals’ diet includes grain made with our hemp crop’s biomass, which are the plant parts we do not use to produce our CBD cigarettes and other smokable hemp products. It’s very high in protein, and we mix it with molasses and other nutritional ingredients. We also use the animal’s waste in our crop fertilizer, so the process is highly sustainable and beneficial to both crops and animals.

A better butt.

Did you know cigarette butts are the most littered item in the country? And worse, the waste from cigarettes can leach toxic chemicals into the environment, leading to land, water, and air pollution. We had to address this aspect of our brand when creating the Redwood Reserve CBD cigarettes. Contributing to these horrifying statistics is not alignable with our mission.

So we’ve taken a two-fold approach to the butt problem. First, we use real cotton filters, which is a recyclable material. Traditional cigarette filters contain cellulose acetate, a plastic that only degrades under severe biological circumstances, such as when filters collect in sewage.

However, just using recycle-friendly hemp cigarette filters isn’t enough. Why? Because we can’t control their disposal. Just like regular cigarette butts tossed on streets and beaches, a cotton filter thrown out improperly is still trash – even if it’s biodegradable trash. So we decided to offer Redwood Reserve’s Butt Bags, which are smell-proof, reusable, and recyclable cigarette disposal bags. They’re easy to use and easy to transport – and provide an earth-friendly option for CBD cigarette disposal post-enjoyment.

As a growing (literally and figuratively) business in the 21st century, we say game on climate change! Our sustainable journey is just beginning. As Redwood Reserves grows, so will our efforts to stay true to the earth and its preservation. Questions about our sustainable hemp farming, harvesting, or curing methods? Reach out any time.

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