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Why We Farm : Organic Hemp & Animal Rescue in the Willamette Valley

Why We Farm : Organic Hemp & Animal Rescue in the Willamette Valley

Hello, from Redwood Reserves! Nestled in the Willamette Valley on acres of green grass and fertile soil.

Learn what makes the Willamette Valley so ideal for farming hemp, why we do what we do, and what makes Redwood Reserves CBD cigarettes so special.

Willamette Valley

Home to impressive hiking trails, picturesque waterfalls, and renowned wineries and vineyards, the Willamette Valley has a lot to offer. Bordered by mountains on three sides (the Cascade Range to the east, the Oregon Coast Range to the west, and the Calapooya Mountains to the south), this 150-mile-long strip of rich, lush land in Oregon is where Redwood Reserves calls home.

The fertile land of the forest floor makes the Pacific Northwest a perfect place for growing hemp. It is our particularly suitable location, cool climate, and prolific Jory soil (loosely textured, pH-balanced, and nutrient-rich) that makes the Willamette Valley ideal for hemp crops. To have healthy plants, you need healthy soil.

Additionally, Oregon law requires hemp-derived CBD products to be tested for pesticides and contaminants and labeled (similar to marijuana regulations), showing that they are food-grade quality and guaranteeing their CBD content.

Discover what makes the Willamette Valley might be one of the most idyllic spots in the country. Click here.

100% Naturally Grown Hemp Flower

At Redwood Reserves, we believe nature truly knows best. Everything we do is rooted in this belief, and we ensure that our CBD products are of the highest quality through careful tending and having a healthy respect for nature.

100% naturally grown hemp flower is the only thing in our products, and with only one ingredient, we want to make sure it’s the best it can be. From the seed to smoke, soil to slow-curing, we work tirelessly to guarantee our plants are organically grown and thoughtfully produced to provide the best user experience possible.

To learn more about organic farming, click here.

Animal Farm

Horses and Alpacas and Peacocks, oh my!

With so much open land on our farm, we knew we wanted to share our space with animals in need of a safe and loving home.

Alpacas: The alpaca industry used to be huge in Oregon, but once it crashed and many alpacas found themselves needing new homes, we jumped at the chance. Charlie Brown, Princess Penelope, and Buttercup are guard alpacas on the farm.

Horses: Our rescue farm started with two horses listed on Craigslist. Cappy, a former show pony, and Red, a retired racehorse. Then came two more senior horses, Stretch and Dusty. We’ve since fostered many more and made a home for two foster babies as well, Daisy and Willow.

Stretch and Red have since passed away, but Cappy, Daisy, and Willow are still with us. A senior horse, Winter, also joined our family as a companion for Cappy.

Peacocks: Did you know that it takes peacocks three years to grow their full, fabulous feathers? And that they can fly? You learn a lot about peacocks when they live with you.

Oh, and don’t forget about our two dairy bulls, Ben & Jerry. Plus our chickens, dogs, cats… We could go on and on.

Want to learn more about our furry and feathered friends? Click here.

CBD Cigarettes

When we started Redwood Reserves, our goal was to create a better hemp cigarette, something unique and natural. Everything that previously existed on the market contained hemp biomass and was industrially produced.

CBD biomass is cannabis cultivated for large-scale processing and is used mainly with industrial products. Grown on a larger scale to mass-produce extracts for CBD products, it typically requires machine harvesting, trimming, and drying (rather than cured). This often results in a hay-like smell and very little terpene content, which (to us at least) defeats the purpose of enjoying CBD smoke because it tastes terrible and isn’t as effective.

We love calling Oregon’s Willamette Valley home. Experience the difference of sustainably grown, quality CBD, shop Redwood Reserves CBD cigarettes.

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